Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Visiting Dr. Brooke

Today, we are going to see the family of Dr. Brooke...

Hi Doc,

why are you a Mama Allpa Doctor?
Its a positive way to spend time in Second Life, its a way to make people happy and make a difference. Its not sexual or degrading in any way like some of the other professions in Second Life. I love what i do and i wouldn't change it for the world. 
My clinic can be found here: (S-URL):

What is your favorite thing to do in SL aside from Mama Allpa?
I love spending time with my family they mean the world to me. I have 5 wonderful kids and im pregnant with hopefully my last two :D We play games and go driving, shopping, and scuba diving

Oh, tell us more about your family?

Cookie is our oldest at 16 years old she is very mature and has a lot of boys chasing after her >.<
Boo is our next oldest at 15 1/2 she is very creative and is currently is going through the phase of being a furry bunny.

Echo is next at 4 she is a complete sweet heart she is very giving and quiet she likes the amaretto horses and dogs and are into those.
 Next is Bella who is 2 we are attempting to potty train her. She is very needy but what can you expect from a 2 year old.
Last is Mr. Trojan the only boy of the house he is a great baby as long as he has a bottle in his mouth he is quiet.
Here, on this picture, you can see a part of our family, it was taken for St. Patricks day:

A very nice picture :) - having a busy SL, what would you like to achieve next in SL?
Get my businesses going good. I tend to biteoff more than i can chew...Weddings, pictures, clinic, mom, haha

What would you like to tell our readers as message?
Avoid the SL drama have fun :) with family, friends whomever it may be enjoy it, dont stress over the stupid stuff.

Thank you Brooke! :)

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