Monday, March 7, 2011

Travelling SL - The Breeding Grounds

The Breeding Grounds have a long history... i myself started to explore the option of pregnancy in SL at this place. The owner at that time and i decided to put our roleplay areas together, and when the owner took a longer break from SL, the breeding grounds were taken under the care of Mama Allpa...

Today, it is fully integrated into the Mama Allpa Island and the following pictures wil give you a short overview about this place, where you can meet up with nice people in a relaxed atmosphere...

Free items at the entrance
Ride the butterfly to explore the island
or hang out on this hammock and enjoy the view
Play "Truth or Dare" with your friends
Or "greedy"
you can play the guitar or the piano
or relax at the swimming pool on the rooftop
three "play rooms" are here of course too...
two in the style of luxurious sleeping rooms well as one bathroom
and when you epxlored all... follow this path to Nayeli

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