Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Tessa

Today, we are visiting Dr. Tessa :)

Hello Doc,

what was for you the motivation to become a Mama Allpa Doctor?
I decided to become a Mama Allpa Doctor a while after my first couple of pregnancies. At that time, I was new here and hadn't hear of MA, so I went to a few other clinics. I never received the free, wonderful care like I did when I found Mama Allpa. 
Dr. Tessa private

After all the trouble I had with other clinics, I wanted to work with Mama Allpa, own my own clinic, and help to insure no one else would have those same problems.

My clinic S-URL is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caraibes%20Isle/83/175/21

So you enjoy motherhood in SL also yourself?
I am currently 7 months pregnant actually! Found out a while ago that I am having three little girls. I am so blessed to have these three and cannot wait til they are born. I have yet to decide on names for them, but am excited to have them here shortly!

And what is your message for our readers?
I would just like to tell them to enjoy every aspect of their pregnancy. It's such a beautiful thing and any and every Mama Allpa doctor will strive to make sure that theycan have the best experience possible. Although many are ready to speed through the pregnancy, so excited to have their little one(s), I hope that they also stop and truly enjoy the pregnancy as well.

Thank you Dr. Tessa!

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