Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr .Tash

Today, we are going to visit Dr. Tash, a versatile Doc who caters to many SL forms of life...

Hi Tash,
what do you like about your time as Mama Allpa Doctor?
Like all good doctors, I have a fascination with what I practice. Pregnancy is a two-fold contrast. There is the very clinical, base observation and tweaking of a body to help it result in bringing a healthy life into the world. And then there is the mystical, magical process of growing a new life from virtually nothing. While the first is wise and necessary, the second is where my deepest appreciations of pregnancy reside. I come into M.A. practice with a deep desire to roleplay with people who draw the M.A. experience into the existing richness of their second lives, and in doing so, I become a contributor to some of the fantastic and amazing tapestries woven here. I enjoy drawing herbalism and nature magic into my roleplay as a doctor, as an addition to or sometimes a substitution for traditional Western medical techniques.

And when you are not working as OB, how do you spend your time in SL?
I enjoy roleplay: fantasy, historical, steampunk, modern/contemporary urban, futuristic ... just about anything goes, really, as long as the roleplay is expressive, responsive, detail-rich and flowing. During quiet times, I build or modify on whims, usually for my own amusement. I love seeking out amazing builds, and can idle for hours admiring the handiwork of some of SL's best and most talented builders and designers. I write, and can sometimes be found at poetry and fiction readings, or at writing workshops honing my skills.
Tash as fae

So, you are getting around some. Tell us some funny event that occurred to you?
I am, at the heart of things, sometimes a blundering clumsy dork who has a way of wandering into situations and conversations where I frequently end up looking rather silly. Oddly, I don't mind this very much. It makes for some very funny text! But the funniest things seem to revolve not around other people but my own occasional viewer issues. I have shown up many places appearing nude or wearing only boots. Oh *I* could see my clothing, but it wasn't showing up to others. I was even ejected from a poetry reading once because I ported in, apparently nude to others, and went idle for a few minutes. I had landed on the stage, and my *ahem* business was out there for everyone to see (though, again, I saw clothing on myself). I came back from idle to a ban notice and some really angry IMs from the event coordinator. All is forgiven now, though, and she and I are friends. But yeah. If you see me naked, give me a heads up. *smiles*

What are things you want to achieve in SL?

My goals for SL are simple, and stated plainly in my profile:
"Outside roleplay, lasting bonds are important to me. I give huge efforts - time, energy, emotion & care - to building mutually fulfilling & happy emotions. If you understand intimacy, focus & giving as good as you get, & you want those things too, you're already ahead of the game. Oh...and if your mind went immediately to sex while reading this paragraph, you might want to reread & reassess how much you really know about these words."
My goal is great roleplay and a few really good friendships through rapport and connection. The friendships: I have them and they grow better every day. The roleplay: M.A. is one of the vehicles I use to hone and enjoy the art and craft of wordsmithing.

And what would you like to give our readers as message on the way?
The M.A. hud is an amazing piece of SL craftsmanship, and something I personally use and strongly admire the design of. There is so much more potential to it's use than a simple point and click pregnancy. The roleplay possibilities are astounding and limited only by the imagination. I encourage everyone who wears it to play with it! Dig into the menues. Click buttons. Don't be timid with it. Find out all you can about how it best works for you. With that knowledge in place, you open yourself up to the vastness of what pregnancy in SL can bring.

Thank you Tash! :)

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