Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Kitten

Dr. Kitten is also an "early bird" in our team. Some of you might know her free baby collection, which is truly also a great thing to experience motherhood, after the delivery.

Hello Kitten!
Why are you a Mama Allpa Doctor?

I discovered Mama-Allpa by way of Dark Den, when it operated out of la Clinica del Glint. I met Tara Bergan in Glint back when I was a newbie. She became a sort of mentor to me and helped me get a good start in SL. 

About this time I also discovered Mama-Allpa. The idea of realistically roleplaying pregnancy and birth intrigued me. Another mentor from my newbie days played as my partner. We watched my calendar together to find my fertile days . When it appeared that I was late, he went with me to see if an OB/GYN was available to RP a pregnancy test with us, There was, and it turned out to be Tara!

I was completely surprised when my ultrasound showed that I was having twins, as I had not set my HUD for an increased probability for multiples, but I played it out just as I would a real surprise twin pregnancy. I found the whole experience, all the way through the births and playing with my virtual daughters to be tremendous fun! I wanted to keep playing happy baby games, so I assisted Tara with a few prenatal examinations and deliveries as her nurse, to learn the role. I also attended Village Bike's role playing classes and started the Dark Den Roleplaying Certification program and the ROPE program to improve my RP skills as a Doctor. 

Tell us more about your kids :)
Sami is the first of my twins. She has dark hair and tanned skin like Sam and I. She is more extroverted and assertive than her sister. She is very particular about which nipple she wants when nursing (my left), and she is beginning to teethe. Ouch! 
Ginger is quiter and more content. She has fairer hair and skin than Sami, and moves her body with surprising control and grace for an infant. She will probably dance before she learns to walk. 
Sami and Ginger are perpetual infants in SL as I have no plans for roleplaying them growing up. Right now, I don't know any guys interested in roleplaying having a family with me, and my time in SL is limited by RL constraints anyway, so I don't see more children in the immediate future.

What is your favorite thing to do in SL aside from Mama Allpa?
I've found SL to be a tremendous outlet to try new creative things. The various roleplaying opportunities have encouraged me to stretch my mind as I try to come up with fun colaborative stories with others I'm playing with, sometimes spinning off into completely different creative areas. I've also been learning to do prim building and clothes designing.

What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you in SL?
Once I tried to use an old LM to visit a shop I hadn't been to for a couple years. But the shop was gone and the land was owned by someone else now who had built his home on the landing coordinates of my old LM. He was home, and he was entertaining a friend, and he was not amused at me popping in on them at that particular, awkward time.
I called him later to apologize and tell him that I'd thrown away the old LM. He told me that it didn't matter because he'd banned me anyway.
But I still thought it was funny.   :)

What is a goal that you wish to achieve still in SL?
Completing my DD RP certification.

What would you like to tell our readers as message?
SL can be very realistic, but it's still just a game. Have fun. If something about SL is interfering with your enjoyment here, or your real life, do something else.

Thank you Kitten!

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