Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. CJ at Echoes Beach

Today, we are going to Echoes Beach, to meet with Dr. Cj, who spends a lot of her time with her family and her horses...

Hello Doctor CJ,
why are you a Mama Allpa Doctor?

I became a Mama Allpa Doctor because I think it is a good product and I wanted to be a Doctor on SL.  I have a medical background in RL and that is what I know the most about and I wanted to let the mother's to be feel comfortable and at home and help them have fun with their pregnancy.

Are you having kids in SL?
So far no we haven't had our own kids, but yes I want to at some point.

My clinic is located at: (S-URL):

What is your favorite thing to do in SL aside from Mama Allpa?
Grins, if I put that would all be blushing, let me just say I love being with my husband, AreWe Onyett and I love my horses.  
We raise the amaretto breedable horses and I love them.

What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you in SL?
When were still new me and my friend Thea were at her house, she hd called me because she had a fire in the floor and couldn't figure out how to get it out.  I thought I could remember what AreWe had told me so here I went to get the fire out of her floor.  I found it and hit return to owner and her house disappeared and we both fell to the ground. 
Burning down the house :)
I had to find AreWe and tell him what I had done and he went up to fix it and all of her furniture was hanging up in the air where i had deleted not only the house but the platform it was on.  

Also the day of mine and AreWe's wedding everything was so perfect, we had worked so hard to make everything so beautiful and it all went so great.  After the ceremony as we were taking pictures the guys picked me up and laid me on my side for a picture and there I was barefooted and wearing a 6000 dollar wedding dress.  Was very embarassed, but we still laugh because i go barefooted so much of the time, was just so sure I had everything right that day and forgot to put on the shoes I had bought to wear with that dress.  :)

What is a goal that you wish to achieve still in SL?
I want to be the best doctor Mama Allpa has and I want to breed and sell horses that people want to buy, that are beautiful.  I also want to breed a charmed horse.  I want to be a good wife to AreWe and stand by him through it all, no matter what happens to either of us, the other one is always there to help and understand.

What would you like to tell our readers as message?
I don't believe there is really a way to keep SL out of your RL, the feelings and emotions come from you, so be honest and true to yourself and have fun.  We have the chance here to go back and fix the things we have always said "if I could do that over I would do so and so", well SL is your chance to do just that.
CJ and her partner

I would also advise everybody to remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but, by the moments that take our breath away.  Try to remember to live, love, laugh and kiss often....forgive quickly and kiss slowly!!!! 
Also if you are pregnant or trying remember to have fun with your pregnancy, find a doctor you feel comfortable laughing and talking with and have a blast!!

Thank you CJ! :)

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