Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Misti

Doc Misti is also one of our longest term staff members, she is as well also a lot working in the background, for example when screening new Docs.

Hello Doc :)

why are you a Mama Allpa Doctor?
I am a Mama Allpa doctor because I love helping create families here.  I love the rp of a parent or parents that are so eager to have their little one join them.  My clinic is at (S-URL):

What is your favorite thing to do in SL aside from Mama Allpa?
Misti with partner
My favorite thing to do in SL when I am not seing a patient is to spend time with my SL partner and family. We have horses and love to shop!

Are you having own kids in SL? If so, tell us a bit about them?
I have 4 kids and one on the way.  Peyton and Stacey are from my first marriage in sl, however my current partner jumped at the chance to adopt them.  She and I have since had an adorable set of twins, Jayden and Olivia. *smiles* Our newest addition, a girl, is due on April 8th!

What would you like to tell our readers as message?
We are here to help you.  No matter what the need is someone is almost always here for advice and support.  We each have our own roleplay here and with tolerance for everyone's choices SL would be a MUCH better place.

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  1. misti = awesome obgyn. :D She was patient and open minded about my situation.