Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Dr. Breeanne

Hello Breeanne,
you joined the Mama Allpa Team recently and are working to give expecting mom's a joyful experience.

Why are you a Mama Allpa Doctor?
I enjoy roleplay very much and the thought of making other people in the secondlife world happy also in turn makes me happy. Also being in secondlife as long as i have (5 plus years) i enjoy meeting new people and i feel being a mama allpa midwife allows me to meet people i would otherwise not meet.
sweet in green

What is your favorite thing to do in SL aside from Mama Allpa?
I love to hang out at BDSM sims and meeting other kinky folks. I also enjoy designing and making clothing and making profile pictures for myself and my friends. 

What is a goal that you wish to achieve still in SL?
In the 5 plus years i have been in second life i still have not learned how to build or script. these are two things that i am currently working on and hope to one day at least become decent in doing them.

Thank you Breeanne!

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