Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breeding Grounds - Vote about clothing rules

As we constantly aim to give you the best experience and fun, we adjust from time to time also "rules" on play areas that we provide for free for you, the Mama Allpa users. Before you read on, understand please the meaning of the word "rule" here:
it is meant to be fun, and a rule as we put up for voting about, shall spark up roleplay, situations where people get things started. It is not put up as rule to spoil your fun. On the contrary.

Now, here are the options:

Nudity at Breeding Grounds
Mandatory for both genders
Mandatory for females, optional for males
Mandatory for males, optional for females
Leave it up to everyone how to dress, everywhere
Mandatory on the island for everyone, but optional at the arrival building. free polls

Feel free also to discuss the issue, comments are enabled to this post


  1. I don't care if it is mandatory or optional as long as it is equal for both genders, unless the breeding ground is set up for dom-sub. Otherwise it is disrespectful of women (I have yet to find a sim where the men have to be naked but the women can stay clothed!).

  2. perhaps there could be events for naked everyone, or naked male, or naked female or naked other - otherwise on non special event days it should be everyone's choice.

  3. Hey!!!

    All we have a problem with Mama Allpa machinima contest, because Naughty Machinima deleted all our films and entries for contest yesterday, so... I'll give you other url ASSAP...